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Workplace Training

Tubal specialises in workplace training and assessment and delivers Nationally Recognised Qualifications and short courses in a wide range of business and service based industries. Workplace training with Tubal allows participants to learn and be assessed on the job and within the workplace, without the need to attend classes and off-site workshops and assessments.

Training and Assessment Process

All training and assessment conducted through Tubal consists of a series of tasks which reflect the participant’s job requirements, qualification requirements and skills and knowledge needs. Participants will perform these tasks within the workplace over a period of time with guidance and training from their workplace supervisor/manager. A dedicated and qualified trainer and assessor from Tubal will conduct regular workplace visits (usually once a month) to provide any assistance with learning, assessment and advice in regards to the progress of the participant in performing the required tasks. During these visits, the trainer will also provide feedback to the participants, gain feedback from their supervisor/manager and introduce the next cluster of units of competency within their training program.

The Tubal trainer and assessor will also generally work through a predefined series of knowledge assessment questions with the participant during this workplace visit. Learning material and resources are provided to the participant via the Tubal Learning Management System (LMS) to help guide and prepare them for these assessments.

Participants are also required to self-assess against each task by confirming whether or not they can perform all components of the task, either as part of their current or as a result of previous employment.

The Tubal Assessors will determine participants’ competency against:

  • The participant’s self-assessment
  • Previously evidenced workplace skills and knowledge
  • The required knowledge and skills to perform tasks in their current workplace
  • Employer/manager confirmation that all tasks are being performed, which includes meeting all workplace requirements
  • Validation through Tubal’s status as a Registered Training Organisation’s (RTO).

The process of training and assessment incorporates regular workplace visits to enable all training and assessment to be conducted as outlined above. Participants and managers receive assistance and support through ongoing access to the Tubal LMS and their trainers and assessors via phone, email and face-to-face discussions. Participants will also receive text message reminders for upcoming assessment visits.

Tubal Learning Management System (LMS)

Tubal’s training and assessment processes are centred around our online Tubal Learning Management System. The Tubal LMS has been designed by training industry experts, in consultation with some of Australia’s leading programmers, and has evolved over a period of more than 10 years.

The Tubal LMS is a secure online management portal that is only accessible to the participant, their trainer and assessor and their chosen supervisor/manager. It essentially replaces the need for a training workbook, and ensures security and legal compliance of all input from the parties involved in the training and assessment process. The Tubal LMS is uniquely designed to encourage participants to build on their existing work skills and knowledge and demonstrate competency whilst meeting their daily work commitments.

The Tubal LMS has significant benefits, including:

  • there are no workbooks or documents
  • all entries, comments and uploads are time-stamped and secure
  • a broader and more accurate work-based assessment is offered
  • participants can be coached, trained and assessed remotely, if required
  • Links to relevant resources and further learning are provided within each unit of competence.

This learning and assessment process with the Tubal Learning Management System is efficient and accurate, resulting in well above average outcomes. Participants and employers find it easy and convenient, and become directly involved in the process.

Tubal is a preferred training provider to deliver Workplace Traineeships in Western Australia through the Department of Training and Workforce Development.