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WHS & Workplace Management on the Tubal System is a unique business management tool designed to improve business performance, encourage Best Practice, meet Work Health & Safety/OH&S Compliance and provide training and assessment towards Nationally Recognised Qualifications (Online E-Learning).

The system produces a record of pre-determined tasks and established time frames, with management and staff working within the business required to report progress or completion.

The system is secure and provides data protection. This means that all system activity is logged and electronically date stamped, providing evidence of management, operation and Legislative Compliance with the necessary integrity.

System Features

Compliance Tasks
Alerts relating to tasks required to be undertaken by your business to meet WHS and regulatory compliance.

Allocate Jobs
Daily Job task sheets, or mobile app lists available for each staff member allocated to undertake tasks

Plant and Machinery
Easily record all plant and machinery maintenance and repairs for compliance under WHS laws.

Incident recording
Securely record and log incidents that occur within your business for follow-up, compliance and improvement

Flexible Reporting
Generate reports manually, automatically and periodically on all components of the Tubal system including outstanding compliance tasks for multi-site managers, and historical documented evidence.

Safe Work Method Statements
Record risk assessments for the use of any plant and equipment easily for compliance requirements using Tubal’s pre-existing templates.

Document Management
Securely store an accurate record of your compliance documents digitally (Incident reports, SWMS, licenses etc) by uploading and categorising for future reference.

Policies and Procedures
Access a generic list of WHS policies and procedures that your business can adapt and edit as required, or additional policies and procedures can also be created.

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