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Workplace Traineeships

Workplace Traineeships are an excellent way to combine training with work, enabling employees to have a job whilst completing a nationally recognised qualification. Traineeships can take between six months and two years to complete, and they provide hands-on skills and work experience which improve employment prospects and range of career choices. Upon successful completion, a trainee will receive a nationally recognised qualification in their chosen vocational area.

At Tubal, we are highly experienced in the coordination and implementation of workplace traineeships, and pride ourselves on our efficient systems, consistent communication and contact with participants and employers. Our traineeship systems are reliable and effective, and the feedback we receive from our employers and students is of a very high quality.

Benefits of Workplace Traineeships: For Employers
  • Financial incentives for the employer from the Australian Government of up to $4,000 per trainee
  • Jobs and Skills WA State Government incentives of up $4,250 for employers of eligible new workers.
  • Subsidised Fees for eligible traineeship places
  • Motivated and qualified employees, resulting in increased workplace performance.
  • Training and assessment takes place on-the-job, not in the classroom.
  • Employees are recognised for the work they already do.
  • Training and assessment is driven and recorded online on the Tubal Learning Management System, no need for assignments or workbooks.
  • Career pathway for employees.
Benefits of Workplace Traineeships: For Trainees
  • Receive a Nationally Recognised Qualification while you’re working in your chosen career industry.
  • Your employer may agree to pay the enrolment fees associated with your traineeship.
  • Training and assessment takes place on the job and via the online Tubal System, not in the classroom, and there are no assignments or workbooks.
  • You are recognised for the work you already do.
  • Great way to move forward in your career!
Funding and Subsidies for Employers and Trainees

Australian Government Apprenticeship Incentives Program

If employees undertake their qualification as part of a Workplace Traineeship Arrangement, then the organisation for whom they are working may be eligible for federal government incentives of up to $4,000 per trainee. Generally, to be eligible for federal government incentives the worker must be:

  • Working more than 15 hours per week (37.5 hours per week for Full Time)
  • A new worker (Less than 3 months Full-time, 12 months part-time)
  • A permanent resident or citizen of Australia
  • Enrolling in a qualification that is on the funded traineeship list
Employment Type Qualification Commencement
(paid at 6 months)
Full Time Certificate III or IV $1,500 $2,500
Part Time Certificate III or IV $1,500

To determine if trainees are eligible to attract Australian Government Incentives, contact should be made with a local Australian Apprentice Support Network Provider (AASN). A full list of AASN providers can be found here. Tubal does not manage the funding or incentive arrangements for traineeships, however we can provide a breakdown of potential incentives and indicative fees for individuals or groups of employees. We are also more than happy to make contact with an AASN provider to facilitate the next step in the traineeship process.

WA Government Jobs and Skills funding

The Jobs and Skills WA Employer Incentive (the incentive) provides financial assistance to Western Australian businesses who employ an apprentice or new entrant trainee and who have lodged the training contract for registration on or after 1 July 2019.

The aim of the incentive is to increase apprenticeship and traineeship commencements by providing employers with assistance to meet the costs of employing an apprentice or trainee. The new Jobs and Skills WA employer incentive is paid in addition to any Australian Government incentives managed by your AASN provider.

The incentive amount received will be based on the full time nominal term of the traineeship. This will vary depending on the qualification, and length of course delivery. For most traineeships, incentives will be paid at the 6 month mark (commencement), and completion. Full details of incentive amounts can be found in the attached document Fact Sheet – Incentive payments

Tubal staff are more than happy to assist with any queries relating to nominal terms of traineeships, and average course lengths. Contact us for more information.

Jobs and Skills employer incentives will be administered through the Western Australian Apprenticeships Management System (WAAMS) online client portal. WAAMs will also contain information about eligibility and estimated incentive entitlements, so we recommend configuring your employer accounts and familiarising yourself with the portal. Find out more about applying for your incentives here

Employers who are eligible to access the incentive are:

  • employers of new entrant trainees in WA (Employed less than 3 months Full-time, 12 months Part-time)
  • group training organisations;
  • Local Government and Government Trading Enterprises; and
  • not-for profit organisations.

For more information:

The WA State Government’s ‘Jobs and Skills WA’ arrangement may also subsidise the training and assessment fees for new full and part time employees who meet the eligibility criteria. You are eligible for a subsidised training place if you have left school, your primary place of residence is in Western Australia and you are:

  • an Australian citizen; or
  • a permanent visa holder or holder of visa subclass 309, 820 or 826; or
  • a dependent or spouse of the primary holder of a visa subclass 457.

Interstate apprentices and trainees may be eligible for publicly funded training in WA. You can find more information about eligibility requirements in the Department’s VET fees and charges policy

Fees and Charges

A training and assessment fee calculated on the total hours of each unit of competence established by the WA State Department of Training and Workforce Development is required to be paid for each participant. The employer and student will be advised of the enrolment fee breakdown prior to commencement of training and will be invoiced by Tubal upon commencement, with payment terms subject to the payment services agreement signed with Tubal.

Our indicative fees can be viewed here.

The Student tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as Student service and resource fees

Fee Concession Entitlement
The following students are entitled to a concessions rate on course fees:

Persons and dependents of persons holding a:

  • healthcare card
  • pensioner concession card
  • Repatriation Health Benefits Card issued by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Persons and dependents of persons in receipt of:

  • Youth Allowance

Persons (and dependants of persons) who are inmates of a custodial institution.

Secondary school aged persons, not enrolled at school (born after 1/7/2001 for 2019 concessions).

Proof of current eligibility for concession must be supplied at the time of enrolment, and will be secured on the student file.

If the concession is valid for part of the enrolment period, then only eligible units commenced on or after the start date and prior to the expiry of the concession will attract the concession rate. From Section 6.3.1 of the DTWD VET Fees and Charges Policy

Payroll Tax exemption
The WA State Government provides payroll tax exemptions to employers (where applicable) for each employee undertaking a traineeship**. This exemption will apply for the duration of the traineeship for new workers earning less than $100,000 per year. For example, the employer of an employee with a salary package of $50,000 per year would receive a $2,750 payroll tax exemption each year for the duration of the traineeship.

**Please note from July 1 2019, Payroll tax exemptions will no longer apply for new entrant trainees. 

Existing worker traineeships
In most cases, the Federal Government does not provide incentive funding for Existing Workers undertaking a qualification as a traineeship. Most existing workers also do not qualify for the WA State Government’s ‘Jobs and Skills WA’ funding for training and assessment, as such the employer is invoiced a fee-for-service by Tubal for training and assessment services of each participant. Payment is required subject to the payment services agreement signed with Tubal. As of 1 December 2017, existing worker traineeships are no longer eligible for Payroll Tax exemptions.
Training and Assessment process
All training and assessment conducted through Tubal consists of a series of tasks which reflect the participant’s job requirements, qualification requirements and skills and knowledge needs. Participants will perform these tasks within the workplace over a period of time with guidance and training from their workplace supervisor/manager. A dedicated and qualified trainer and assessor from Tubal will conduct regular workplace visits (usually once a month) to provide any assistance with learning, assessment and advice in regards to the progress of the participant in performing the required tasks. During these visits, the trainer will also provide feedback to the participants, gain feedback from their supervisor/manager and introduce the next cluster of units of competency within their training program.

The Tubal trainer and assessor will also generally work through a predefined series of knowledge assessment questions with the participant during this workplace visit. Learning material and resources are provided to the participant via the Tubal Learning Management System (LMS) to help guide and prepare them for these assessments.

Participants are also required to self-assess against each task by confirming whether or not they can perform all components of the task, either as part of their current or as a result of previous employment.

The Tubal Assessors will determine participants’ competency against:
⇒ The participant’s self-assessment
⇒ Previously evidenced workplace skills and knowledge
⇒ The required knowledge and skills to perform tasks in their current workplace
⇒ Employer/manager confirmation that all tasks are being performed, which includes meeting all workplace requirements
⇒ Validation through Tubal’s status as a Registered Training Organisation’s (RTO).

The process of training and assessment incorporates regular workplace visits to enable all training and assessment to be conducted as outlined above. Participants and managers receive assistance and support through ongoing access to the Tubal LMS and their trainers and assessors via phone, email and face-to-face discussions.

Tubal Learning Management System (LMS)
Tubal’s training and assessment processes are centred around our online Tubal Learning Management System. The Tubal LMS has been designed by training industry experts, in consultation with some of Australia’s leading programmers, and has evolved over a period of more than 10 years.

The Tubal LMS is a secure online management portal that is only accessible to the participant, their trainer and assessor and their chosen supervisor/manager. It essentially replaces the need for a training workbook, and ensures security and legal compliance of all input from the parties involved in the training and assessment process. The Tubal LMS is uniquely designed to encourage participants to build on their existing work skills and knowledge and demonstrate competency whilst meeting their daily work commitments.

The Tubal LMS has significant benefits, including:
⇒ there are no workbooks or documents
⇒ all entries, comments and uploads are time-stamped and secure
⇒ a broader and more accurate work-based assessment is offered
⇒ participants can be coached, trained and assessed remotely, if required
⇒ Links to relevant resources and further learning are provided within each unit of competence.

This learning and assessment process with the Tubal Learning Management System is efficient and accurate, resulting in well above average outcomes.  Participants and employers find it easy and convenient, and become directly involved in the process.

Tubal is a preferred training provider to deliver Workplace Traineeships in Western Australia through the Department of Training and Workforce Development.

Tubal on Instagram

I thought this course was a great experience and I loved how organised the process and system was.Everything was clearly explained and outlined, instructions were given when needed and support was available at all times. Every staff member I came across was friendly and helpful. Overall I am very pleased with the simplicity of this course. I couldn’t fault it. THANKYOU!


Hospitality Worker

I found the training to be informative and rewarding. It was clearly explained to me, and any support required from my trainer was always offered and appreciated. Thankyou!


Holiday Park Manager, BIG4

For more information, please contact Tubal

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