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Risk Management

Tubal’s Risk Management process encompasses a complete analysis of the businesses operation.  It focuses on the overriding issues of duty of care and the provision and adoption of the appropriate risk identification policies, procedures and sensible strategies.  The process also importantly will ensure the business is compliant with relevant state Work Health & Safety/OH&S legislation.

Tubal’s assessors will identify, analyse and provide elimination or control of those risks that threaten the assets or earning capacity of your business. The implementation and management processes consist of well-defined steps, which support greater understanding, better decision making and contribute to a far safer workplace.

Risk Management with Tubal will be as much about identifying opportunities as it will be about avoiding losses.

The Risk Identification and Reporting Process

Tubal’s Risk Management process also uses the Compliance Management System (CMS) for auditing and reporting.  All hazards are picture identified and loaded onto the system.  A business reports on each hazard by recording the process of elimination or control, which is recorded on the CMS.  When completed, the eliminated or controlled hazard is logged onto the system for a date-accessed report.

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