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WHS Management Manual

The WHS Management Manual is an indexed educational resource uniquely designed for Hospitality, Retail and Holiday Park businesses for the use of general staff and management training, WHS induction and ongoing training, formal qualification for staff and management and traineeships.

The purpose of the WHS manual is to encourage efficient management and the smooth operation of a business.  It is designed to provide information on legal requirements, emergency management, staff training and maintenance, as well as methods on how to develop organisational policies and procedures.  The manual also supports the legal obligations of organisations to retain a risk management document.



WHS Policy
Code of Conduct
Discipline & Termination Policy
Drugs & Alcohol Policy
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Anti-Discrimination Policy
Manual Lifting Policy
Incident Reporting Investigation Policy
Online Communication Policy
Lending of Park Tools, Machinery & Equipment Policy
Privacy Policy
PPE Policy
Anti Bullying Policy
Violence & Harassment Policy
Injury Management Policy
Serious Injury Policy & Procedure
Workshop Safe Working Policy
Guest Access & Equity Policy
Working at Height Policy
Safe Ladder Use Policy/Procedures

Hazard Identification Report
Accident Report
Accident Investigation & Analysis
Tree Management Program

Staff Induction
Staff Performance Appraisal
Contractors Compliance Agreement
Contractors OH&S Questionnaire
Acceptance & Sign-off Policies, Procedures & Codes of Practice
Employee Confidentiality Agreement

Lighting Monitoring & Maintenance
Tree Monitoring & Maintenance Register
RCD Testing Register
Electrical Testing Register
Annual & Permanent Insurance Register
Pool Testing Register
Daily Pool Monitoring Register
Daily Playground Maintenance Register
Weekly Playground Maintenance Register
Monthly Playground Maintenance Register
Quarterly Playground Maintenance Register

Caravan on Fire Emergency Procedure
Cabin on Fire Emergency Procedure
LPG Fire Emergency Procedure
Gas Leak From Mains Fire Emergency Procedure
Bomb Threat Procedures
Guest Emergency and Fire Management procedures
Fire Warden’s Emergency Evacuation Procedure
Warden’s Emergency Evacuation Procedure
Emergency and Fire Management Procedure
Emergency Contact List


Fees and charges

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