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What is cashback in online casinos for Australian players: types, advantages

Partial return of the money previously spent by the user to his real account is called cashback. Thus, the Australian online casinos tries to cheer the loser with a certain amount of money from the player. Cashback payment is governed by certain rules that provide for its wagering.

Types of cashbacks

Almost every online gambling establishment has its own rules for issuing cashbacks. In principle, they can be divided into three main types:

Partial return of a loss. This option is most common in Aussie online casinos. Here cashback is deducted from the amount of funds lost for a certain period.
Partial accrual for winnings is quite rare. Here, the percentage is calculated on the money won by the player. Naturally, the amount of winning in most cases is greater than the loss, which means that the percentage of cashback will be higher.
Partial return of the weekly deposit. It makes no difference here, cashback is credited regardless of whether the player has lost or won.

What determines the amount of cashback

Usually, the amount of cashback is determined directly by the online casino administration. But sometimes this is done by the manufacturers of gaming machines themselves, installing automatic calculation of percentages in their software. During a certain period of the game, its value can be different and fluctuate in the range from 5 to 20%. In some casinos, the percentage of calculation depends on the player's status.

From time to time, online gambling establishments can hold promotions, under which the cashback increases significantly. This moment is ideal for testing a new strategy or a specific game, because part of the invested funds will definitely return to the player's account.

Cashback payout is charged once a week or month. Usually, the percentage return in the form of a bonus is made on a specific day of the week. Most often, many Australian casinos issue a refund for all losses in one amount on Fridays or Saturdays.

Some online casinos contribute a percentage return on lost funds to the loyalty program. For example, for raising the status of the player, the percentage of cashback also increases. To increase the status, the player must make a certain number of cash bets, the total amount of which is determined by the administration of the gambling establishment.

Do I need to wager cashback

It only depends on the online gambling establishment. Some online casinos do not require wagering the amounts that the player received with cashback. But there are virtual establishments that offer standard wagering of x35 or more.

Players with extensive experience are advised to choose a casino with a minimum number of bets for wagering cashback and with 1$ minimum deposit if they want to check the casino for playing . Usually, large popular casinos give the entire amount of returnable funds for wagering within x1-x3. That is, in order to cash out the funds received by cashback, the player must make several bets with this money in the pokie, and only after that he can withdraw them from the casino to his personal account.