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The results of punter pick bonuses may be predetermined

The results of punter choice bonuses may be predetermined In the “Ask me anything (about pokies)” section of the Casinomeister forum, a user known as trancemonkey answers various questions about pokies .woo casino login australia.. He is a specialist in this field, having worked for over 20 years as a producer/programmer. Although the specific companies he has worked for are not listed, in one post he says he worked at Quickspin for two years and at the time of the post was working at IGT. One of the questions asked to him related to bonus rounds, in which the punter is asked to choose one of several options. Are the selection bonus results predefined? For example, the chest feature in Vikings Go Berzerk. This seems to be the case, so I'm curious. Sometimes %s... From a playability standpoint, it is best if the outcome of the function where the punter is given a choice is completely certain before the punter makes the choice. On this topic Interview Play'n GO: RTP versions, pokie certification 80 times 99.5% of the time this is not the case. For example, in Secrets of the Stones - I would be 99.9%sure that which stone you choose does not matter. If someone from NetEnt told me otherwise, I would be surprised. That is, according to the expert, in most cases it does not matter what you choose, if you are given a choice before you. The result is already a foregone conclusion without you, the punter only has to see what kind of result it is %s.woo casino login australia.. Considering that usually in such rounds prizes of different values ​​are drawn (different amount of bonus credits/multiplier size/number of free spins, etc.), then it is logical that the chances of getting each of them will not be equal. This means that the results are already known in advance, which means you can not think too much about what to open.