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Tubal Pty Ltd is one of only three organisations that have been appointed by the WA Department of Health to deliver and issue the Group of Competencies related to the Aquatic Facilities Group 2, 3 and 4.

WA Department of Health Regulations require that the Operator of a Group 3 or 4 Aquatic Facility (ie. swimming pool) hold these Group of Competencies delivered by an approved Aquatic Facility Training Program, such as Tubal.

Tubal’s process acknowledges the skills and experience of participants who have been adequately caring for the organisation’s pool as part of their job role. All assessment and learning takes place on-the-job through Tubal’s online E-Learning System at a pace that suits the participant and the business – no need for workbooks or assignments.

Participants will be required to demonstrate their current skills in managing and caring for the pool they are responsible for and, if necessary, adopt any skills or swimming pool management procedures that are not already being addressed.

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