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Whatever social media platforms you may have plunged into to promote your park, it is common to find that you end up wasting countless hours trying to update and keep all of your accounts fresh everyday. You may also be nervous about getting too involved for the risk of not having enough time to devote to this time indulgent facet of your business. Once you are up and running, using the correct (free) social media tools as part of a daily social media management routine, you can cover the social media bases for your park in under 30 minutes!

Here’s an example of what a typical Holiday Park ‘Social Media Manager’ can achieve within this time period…


10 minutes

  • Log in as your business and Spend 2 minutes browsing the timeline ‘Liking’ posts that interest your business and help to give you a social presence and ranking with other businesses.
  • In the next 2 minutes you can Comment on or share any posts that you feel you have expertise in or something interesting, informative or conversational to add.
  • Using the information in you Parks’ Insights page Schedule 1-2 posts for the day at the times that most of your fans will see. This should take you 4 minutes at the most. Be sure to add either a cropped image (403x403px or Instagram) or a link in the majority of your posts.
  • You can spend another 2 minutes answering any queries or comments on you page since your last login, or browsing some of your favourite pages for post ideas to steal/share!

Tip: Switch between ‘Most Recent’ and ‘Popular’ on your timeline to mix your interactions and get involved with popular posts.


7 minutes

  • Spend the first 3 minutes acknowledging any mentions and retweets or answering any queries you have in your mentions section.
  • Spend 2 minutes scouring your lists for anything worthy of a retweet, and favourite anything that adds value to your business and business relationships. (How to use Twitter Lists)
  • Use Hootsuite (or similar) to check what posts you have scheduled for the day. Spend 2 minutes scheduling a saved or new post a few times across the next week.

Tip: Avoid auto-tweeting from your Facebook feed. Its a time-saver, but looks lazy.


3 minutes

  • Take 2 minutes uploading any photos you have taken on your phone around your park and community to instagram, add filters and borders and use popular hashtags to share to your followers and others.
  • Spend another 1 minute scrolling down the timeline of new photos liking and commenting on anything that is relevant or adds value.

Tip: Encourage your guests and staff to contribute to your Instagram content. It will save you time!


Spare Time?

  • Read any interesting linked articles you have found on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and Pin them to your relevant PINTEREST board.
  • Think about changing the Cover photo on your Facebook page, or check your pages insights for trends in post views
  • Check out what the local competition is doing on their social media platforms, and grin about how much better you are at managing your time!

Of course nailing all of this down in to a time period that is less than 30 minutes will take practice and self-control. You will also require a knowledge of some of the ins and outs of short-cutting, using social media tools and delivering perfectly crafted posts at the most opportune times of the day for your fans. Tubal runs workshops on just exactly how you and your staff can effectively manage your social media and increase you reach and interactions, whilst still having plenty of time to dedicate to your park and guests. Contact us to find out more.