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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

What is RPL?

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is a process of assessment aimed at identifying and formally recognising competencies obtained outside the formal education and training environment.  It doesn’t really matter where you got the competencies the important thing about RPL is being able to prove that you have them.

RPL assessment enables individuals to forego any training and move directly to having their competencies assessed, thus avoiding the need for unnecessary training that brings with it additional cost, time and effort.

RPL aims to provide individuals with a flexible and fast way of having their skills and knowledge assessed against the competencies stipulated for a formal qualification.

RPL can be used for the awarding of individual or a group/set of competency that form part of a qualification.  This may lead to the partial or full completion of the requirements for that qualification.

Generally RPL candidates work independently of the assessor gathering their own evidence, which is then supplemented through other methods of assessment implemented by the assessor.  These can involve, but is not limited to; self-assessment, questions, one-on-one interview, demonstration, reports from third parties, etc.


How do I apply for RPL?

To apply for RPL in any of the qualifications on Tubal’s scope you can check out our easy 6 step Online RPL process, or contact us today for more information.